Monday, May 11, 2009

Shuttle Launch

As you know, I'm an astrogeek. So when we moved to Florida, I made Kevin promise me we'd go see a shuttle launch. With some good buddies from Cali coming out to Florida for this particular launch, we joined them. Well, sort of. They let us crash at their condo in Orlando, but we parted ways early Monday morning. They went on a cool tour and saw it from closer than we did. We decided Stellan wouldn't do well on a grown-up paced tour, so we just drove along the coast and found a spot with lots of people waiting by the water. It turned out to be great, Stellan had lots of people to entertain, we had lots of outdoor space and the launch was just amazing as I hoped it would be. Who's coming to visit for the next one?

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D said...

When I was 13 I went to Orlando for the Society of Women Engineers conference with my Grandma. I got to see the Columbia launch - so awesome!
We also went to Epcot with my Grandma in a wheelchair(she had a knee injury). It'sthe perfect way to see the park. I love short lines!