Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Awesome Week of Awesomeness

Kevin just finished spring semester, so he had a week off before the start of summer semester. We spent the whole week doing fun and awesome stuff as a family. First and foremost, we took advantage of Miami's Museum Month deal, which is that if you buy a membership at any of the participating museums in Miami-Dade County, you can get into any of the others free during the month of May (which is Museum Month, in case you hadn't heard). We also went to some of our other favorite spots to cool off and have fun. Please enjoy this photo tour of our adventures.


Becky said...

Cute pics! Been thinking about you today -- it's LCO Lecture night! Javier is fantastic, such a pleasure to work with.

Nice of the fires to (90%) go away beforehand, though the SBMNH was closed and making us nervous (nerves were shot in general, as you might imagine)..

After today, only 16 hours of UCSB next week!

You won't see a Stellan-sized pout on MY face! B

Katie said...

So much awesomeness. I'm ready to plan our trip to Florida.

When Jack has a break between semesters, the most awesome thing I do is suggest that he watch the kids all day so I can take long naps.

I wish we were as awesome as you.