Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is It Possible?

Stellan and Kevin just left for youth group. Elsa's dad, also a youth group leader, called on her behalf to make sure Stellan was coming to keep her company. As he left, Stellan ran up to give me a kiss. He walked out the door, with his hands full of balls and toys of course, and headed for the car. As he opened his own car door, waved at me and said, "Love you! Bye!" he sounded so grown up. He's not even a young toddler anymore, he's pushing two years old. Sometimes it's easy to forget and just think of him as my baby boy, but these grown up moments happen more and more. I'm so proud of the smart, funny and (very) energetic boy he's turning into, so I'm generally happy to trade in my baby for my big boy. But it is possible for my heart to swell and break at the same time?


Jess said...

Yes. A million times over, yes.

Dormommy said...

Last month Isaac hopped out of the car, turned to me and said, "Dad, I'm gonna walk to school myself." Maybe 12 yards, but I wanted to bawl like a baby.


The Braun Family said...

Its the most painful and most exciting journey to be a mom. That's so sweet he said "love you, bye", nothing sweeter than hearing those words.