Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Announcement

Kevin got a job!

[Insert gasp of relief, shout for joy and prayer of thanksgiving.]

We will be relocating to the Emerald Coast, where he has accepted a civilian position at Eglin Air Force Base. We found a rental house (a house! with a yard! and a garage! and washer and dryer hook ups! and a dishwasher!) in Shalimar, FL. Now we'll be 11 hours closer to California, and so far in the Florida panhandle it's practically Louisiana.

He starts at the end of October, so get ready for a new jar for these 4 Cookies! Oh, and feel free to start planning your visit, the beaches are amazing. And we'll have tons of room for visitors. Just give us a couple of weeks to clear out boxes and we'll be all set.

P.S. My apologies to Marie Murphy, who taught me better than to use so many exclamation marks. But I couldn't help myself. May the PPP forgive.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Dear reader, if only you were with us every moment of the day. I think you might die laughing. Here are a few samples of what you're missing out on.

[Driving home from the doctor's office after immunizations.]
Stellan: Mommy, I tough. But I still nice. But I really tough. But I still love you. And I like you. But I tough.

[Mommy is getting an awesome back rub from her friend Lena.]
Stellan: I want a ssage.
Krissie: You want a massage?
Stellan: No, just a ssage.

[Stellan talks to himself while "resting" during nap time. He just downloads the stuff he hears during the day and regurgitates it. Phonetic spelling as follows.]
Stellan: I haffa keep you safe. It's my jobba keep you safe. I tole you so many times, you gotta stop that. Dang it! That would be no good. Wiahona. Watch out for Baby Wajelle. Fishies an sumpin to dwink. The wise man built his house upon the rock. I wike you and I wuv you.

You know you wish you lived with us.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who, Us, Bored?

You may be wondering what a family like ours does when no one has anything to do but wait for a job to come through. Well, we started packing, because we'll be moving one way or the other - either to a new bigger home or to a van down by the river. And since we're on a fixed (read $0) income, we have to make our own cheap fun. Here are a few things we are enjoying:

This last one is not for grandparents' eyes. No, seriously, I don't want any of you grandparents calling us to tell us we've endangered our son's life. So just skip this one. Really, he's having fun and he hasn't fallen yet. I swear.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Road Trip Clarification

For those of you wondering, we're pretty sure we're going to head east and head down the coast. How far north in the east depends on what kind of offers we get...hint, hint, northeasterners!

Epic Road Trip

That's right, we're about to take one. It's a one-way trip from Caseville, MI to Dania Beach, FL. We'll leave Michigan sometime at the end of the month and get home when we get home.
Do you live somewhere along that path? Would you like the 4 of us to crash your pad? Let us know and we'll try to make sure our route coincides with your peaceful (but not for long!) abode.

Legal notice: we cannot be held responsible for damages our kids may cause, even if it involves super-expensive electronics. Like Grandma and Grandpa's big screen TV.