Sunday, October 23, 2011

Visit to South Florida

Duncan invited us to his birthday party. In Fort Lauderdale. So we went. Just for the weekend, of course.
We had an amazing time. We got to stay with the Odenwalders and hang out with our South Florida pals. In addition to celebrating Duncan's birthday, we were there for Kirk's birthday party too. We ate at Jaxson's, went to the Museum of Discovery and Science and had a barbecue at the Rondas'. It was basically perfect.
These were Stellan's first kid birthday parties. And they didn't disappoint. Kirk's was a paleontological wonderland for preschool boys - they made a dig site filled with plaster bones for the kids to dig up. Then they smashed them to find toys inside. Awesome. Duncan's party was a racecar theme, but not like you've ever seen before. They created a track that covered the entire area of a city park with a gas station, snack stations, an ATM and a car wash. And they begged, borrowed or stole (OK, bought on Ebay) an army of Power Wheels-style vehicles for all the kdis to drvie. They had a faux fast food (McDuncan's) restaurant area, an amazing cake, the best party favor bag I ever saw and way more fun than you thought could fit into an afternoon. Duncan's mom is an event coordinator and caterer, so 'nuff said. You rock, Tiff!
Mostly it was a great time for us to catch up with all the friends we left behind in South Florida. We miss you all tons, wish we had more time to spend there. Invite us back for something soon, OK?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a Leia!

We have an important announcement to make: my hair is getting very long (for me, that is.) Oh, also we're having a baby sometime on or around March 20th. And thanks to an ultrasound after breaking my butt, we already know it's a girl. No, she will not be named Leia; it just goes with the shirt. And, in case you don't feel like doing the math, I'm about 17 weeks along. And finally, if this is big news to you, that's because we haven't told people. You're hearing it here first. Way to be in the know!
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby No More

In the last few weeks, Rachelle has transitioned 100% to toddler. She climbs everything, moves chairs around to climb everything better, knows what we don't want her to get and tried even harder to get it, babbles all day long and is fascinated with her own interactions with the world. She is still so sweet and easy-going, she hardly ever cries when she falls and she laughs the day away, especially around Stellan. For your viewing pleasure, Exhibit A, a photo subtitled "Mischief Managed", and Exhibit B, a video Kevin took.

Baby No More from Krissie Cook on Vimeo.