Friday, January 22, 2010

While I've Got Your Attention

We have enjoyed the pleasure of hosting family and friends here recently, but I, like the slacker I am, did not get around to blogging it before the holidays. And since the next batch comes in starting this afternoon, I figured I'd better tell you about the last set.
First, my awesome sister Caroline came to visit us. She literally emailed me and said, "Hey, are you free Saturday night? Because I'd love to have dinner with you!" Um, what? You're going to be in town? This Saturday? And this is the first we've heard? Yep. She came, she helped coax Stellan into meeting Santa at the church Primary Christmas party (although it took the encouragement of 2 parents, an aunt, a teddy bear in Santa's bag and also a mint candy to actually get him to come close enough to Santa to accept his gift), and she went out for sushi-Thai* with us.

Not long after, my good friend Janae came to visit. You've already heard about the highlight of her visit, a certain deluge that flooded our neighborhood. But we also went to Jaxson's for ice cream, saw the beach and went to the Everglades. We had so much fun catching up, it's so tragic that she lives far far far away and doesn't get out here very often (once by my count).

Thanks for coming, you two! We love you and miss you tons!

*Interesting side note: in South Florida, it's almost impossible to find a Thai restaurant that doesn't also sell sushi, or a sushi joint that doesn't serve Thai food as well. These restaurants are all called sushi-Thai, Thai-sushi or some derivative thereof. Oh, and although I had sushi, I made sure all the meat was cooked.

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