Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Road Trip: Final Thoughts

Now that we're home and a bit more rested, here are our final notes on our fabulous Let's See More Florida Tour.
First of all, I'm not doing this again until Stellan learns to sleep on a bed. Period. It killed our after-Stellan-goes-to-sleep time, because in order to get him to sleep, Kevin or I had to literally crawl under the covers with him and sing, coax and calm him to sleep. It took about an hour each night. And let's be honest; after laying in bed in a darkened hotel room for an hour, who's ready to jump out of bed and hit the exercise room, the balcony or anywhere that's not bed?
Next, it's hot in Florida during the summer. We're glad we had lots of water-themed activities, plus some indoors destinations. We'd like to go later in the fall and do some camping, canoeing and outdoor adventuring, but we are so glad we didn't in August.
Finally, I'm sad to announce we did suffer a few casualties during our trip. In fact, they biggest three occurred on our last afternoon while at the Kennedy Space Center. First, Stellan ate it really hard while walking on a wall unassisted. He got a huge knot on his eyebrow and a nice scrape/bruise on his cheekbone. Then, Kevin's flip flop broke. This was the only pair of shoes he had, so he had to either go barefoot or drag the broken shoe along all over the Space Center. Finally, and perhaps most embarrassing/entertaining, I ate it really hard and was rewarded with a very lovely bruise that I now wear like an anklet on my leg.
What? You want to hear the whole embarrassing story? I'm such a good sport I'll share it. We were in the cafeteria getting some lunch when Stellan took off. He had been doing this all day in every line we had been in. Since he's so short, he can easily manuever right under any barrier used for crowd control, from the Disneyland-style metal rod barriers to the drooping chains barriers. This one was a drooping chains style line. Anyway, Stellan took off, and Kevin's shoe was broken, so I got to chase him. As he gained further distance with the time it took me to carefully climb over the chain, I realized I was going to have to pick up the pace, and decided to do the "side-hurtle" to get past the next chain. You know what I'm talking about, the way you can lean on the post with one arm and jump sort of sideways over the shortest part of the chain. Well, I didn't clear it 100%. And I ate it. Hard. In front of many many people. I didn't just fall, I got my leg stuck, almost caught myself, then totally lost it, spilling onto the floor. Even Stellan stopped to see the spectacle. I got up, red-faced and grinning goofily, and took a bow. What else can you do?
Anyway, it was a great trip. Who's coming with us next time?

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thejerry said...

I'm glad you took a bow. I wish I could think as quickly in unanticipated public performances.