Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Excited!

We are all starting to get excited for our trip to Santa Barbara in less than a week.* It's going to be so nice to cool off and relax for a bit. Also, we're looking forward to seeing lots of friends and family. (If you're one or both of those and you want to see us, call!) In the meantime, we'll continue to soak our clothes in sweat while we dust off pants and sweatshirts for those "chilly" SB evenings.

*If you're a would-be thief who is considering breaking into our place while we're gone because we were dumb enough to tell you we're leaving, think again. First of all, if you wait a few months, you can have just about all of it for free on the side of curb - where it came from - when we move. Second of all, you wouldn't get much for it. Finally, Kev and I will be getting there at different times, so good luck finding our place vacated. Plus, our neighbor across the street is a firefighter with a wicked neighborhood protection streak. He singlehandedly took down a gun-wielding heroin addict** a couple of months ago.

**Long story. If there's any demand (like, say, in the comment section of this blog post), I might relate that little adventure.


Vivian said...

hooray hooray! we can't wait!

Stephanie said...

Relate! Relate!

Susanna said...

I'd definitely read a post about a heroin addict.

When are you going to SB and for how long. Chances are I'll miss you.

We're moving to CA. Somewhere close to SB if we can manage, so I'm sure we'll see you sooner or later.

Sooner preferably.

Becky said...

gun-wielding heroin addict story, please!!!! hope you have a great time in sb! it is indeed chilly here!

Tabatha said...

Story please! I have to figure out exactly when I'll be in SB, but I will see you soon.