Monday, August 3, 2009

Road Trip: Day Five

Today was the last day of our road trip, and my favorite. Today we went to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. It was amazing. I have to admit that I got a little verklempt as I walked in the doors, it was everything I had hoped for. We all had a good time, and Stellan was a pretty good sport, all things considered. The bus tour was a little much for him, so we cut a couple stops short. Kevin and I took turns on the Shuttle Experience, where they simulate the launch in a Star Tours-esque ride. We went to an IMAX film about the moon; Stellan and I saw most of it.

Day Five Stats:
Start and end: Orange City to Dania Beach
Distance: 278 miles
Sites Visited: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
High Points: Everything. Especially the gift shop. We never even glance at gift shops, but this was one incredible exception. It was like Christmas in August. Also, on the drive home after, Kevin and I had a great time singing along in our loudest and most annoying voices to Disney Classics. I was surprised at how many songs he knew; he wasn't surprised at how many I knew.
Low Points: I got chewed out by a cranky man who told me Stellan was lightning bait wandering around in the rain during a sudden downpour. Really? In the middle of a complex full of huge rockets standing straight up in the air, you think my not-quite-3-feet-tall kid is the most likely target?
Lemonade From Lemons Moment: After all the sleep(less) trauma with Stellan, he made it until 6 PM. When we got him to the car, we had to change his clothes because he had gotten soaked in the downpour. He was so tired he kept falling asleep in my arms while I was actively removing and putting on his clothes. He slept like a baby the entire trip home, even with his parents' obnoxious bellowing. Once we got home, he woke up long enough to request milk. By the time I had poured it, he was out cold again. He's glad to be back in his crib.

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Becky said...

I've just been loving this travelogue. Very summery! And a big squeeze to my fellow nerdfriend for your getting verklempt at Kennedy Space Center!