Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trip: Day Four

We crossed back to eastern Florida today. We stayed in Orange City at a pretty seedy motel, our worst of the trip. But we did get to visit Blue Springs State Park, which was a treat. Kevin took his Boys Scouts there a couple of months ago and raved ever since, so we had to stop by. We like springs, and have even talked about taking a springs-only road trip because there are a ton in Central Florida.
We also went to church in Tampa; there was a ward that met right down the road from our motel. They were super friendly and eager to know if we were new to the ward. We had to regretfully inform them that we were just visiting and were leaving right after services. I've never felt I let so many complete strangers down.

Day Four Stats
Start and stop: Tampa to Orange City
Distance: 126 miles
Sites Visited: New Tampa Ward of LDS Church, Blue Springs State Park, Sonic
High Points: The nursery at church was awesome, Stellan loved it; he especially liked the bubble machine they turned on at the end. The springs were cool, about 72˚, I felt genuinely cold for the first time in months. Also, Sonic has really yummy treat-drinks. I love Sonic.
Low Points: Stellan is still having a hard time sleeping in a bed. Getting him to sleep is a real challenge, and then we have to blockade the sides with chairs, luggage and pillows to keep him on it, and it still usually requires one of us becoming the final barrier to the ground in the wee hours.
Lemonade From Lemons Moment: With all the nighttime commotion, Stellan was tired enough to sleep in this morning until a little past 8 AM.

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deannah said...

I am seriously loving your chronicaling (is that a word?) of your road trip. It is so going to be my new method of documenting future (or even past) trips. I'm stealing it. Thanks. :)