Thursday, February 26, 2009

So What DO You do?

We have had a lot of family visits lately, so in case you were wondering what we do when we are not entertaining company, here's a pretty good idea of the Cookie Jar daily goings-on.

We are really this boring: we just sit around the house watching Stellan grow into a funny and sweet little boy. In the last couple of weeks Kevin and I have both noticed that he is in a very nice mood most of the time. He loves to play, he can't stay still and he wants our constant company while he explores the world. But instead of being impatient, he is very sweet about demanding our attention; when he wants us to follow him, he'll grab our hand and then sign and say "please" (or "peesh" if we use the Stellanphonic spelling). Who can argue with such politeness? He is also getting very good at "thank you" ("daynkgoo"), even though it's clear that he doesn't always understand the appropriate context for that sentiment. I think I'm starting to get why they call them the terrible twos - I'll be sad when he grows out of this phase and starts getting cranky again.

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Brandy said...

He's such a cute little guy! Yeah, I hear ya on the whole boring thing. My family always ask what we do in our spare time here in California and we never really have anything to tell them! They are appalled at the fact that we don't go to the beach every day and hang out with movie stars at restaurants!! We're just boring people, but I'm ok with that :) Plus it's WAY more fun to play with your kids than anything else.