Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Too Many Political Thrillers

We don't negociate with terrorists.

That is the thought that popped into my head at 1:18 AM this morning. Stellan has had some issues getting to sleep lately, and we've made our neighbors suffer by letting him cry it out. Last night that took about an hour. He resorted to banging his head against the side of the crib in an effort to induce enough pity on our part to release him from his tormented prison. It didn't work. We are generally unfeeling parents.
So when he started crying in the wee hours of the morning, I wasn't feeling very sorry for him. As I debated getting up to help him settle down again, images of all the personal comforts I've given up for him without an acknowledgement of gratitude from him flashed through my head. He has manipulated me into a life of submission and, at more times that I admit, fear.
But then I thought again of my weeping son crying out in his sleep. Does that negociation stand-off still hold when the subject is both the terrorist and the prisoner?

I got up and held him and told him I loved him.


D said...

Sleeping is so tough. asher is teething so he woke up a ton last night and we've had the door open to their room so then Kaden wakes up in the early morning and tries to climb in bed with us. Not much sleep last night at all. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Amanda said...

I've come to dread the night almost more than the day.

thejerry said...

Levi has started banging his head against the wall to rev up his tantrums too. I thought it was weird, but I guess you are right. He is just using terrorist negotiating tactics.

Jess said...

I hear you on the fear thing, I came to that realization a couple of weeks ago myself. Ral was asking why I was so frustrated and stressed and I started thinking about how I am always on pins and needles that one or the other will start crying or screaming or both. I needed to find an outlet, something peaceful NOT around my children, not even in my house. It helps to have perspective.

Karen said...

I understand where you are comming from. I think I have a similar debate in my own head every night. Conner hates to sleep alone and when he wakes up I walk like a zombie into his room to comfort him so he won't wake his daddy or sister. Some nights I wonder if this will EVER end.