Monday, February 16, 2009

Being Sick Never Felt Better

On Saturday night, Stellan came down with a case of the blahs that turned into a fever by the morning. The poor guy just was laying there looking sad and wanting to cuddle with us.
Kevin and I were stoked. As most parents already appreciate, when your kid is just a little under the weather like this, they are so cute and cuddly and mellow. We stayed in bed dozing lightly until 10:30 AM. We haven't done that in years. Literally. It was completely awesome.
By Sunday night, Kevin and I were feeling really rested and happy. Stellan was starting to pick up (and was sporting the last of his canine teeth, which explains the fever, etc.), so we realized it was time for the sick Stellan ritual we have honored recently; it was time for a haircut. Stellan doesn't like the clippers much, but it is so much easier and faster to clip his hair than to get out the scissors. So we took advantage of his waning torpor to cut his hair shorter than we ever have. Before and after photos below.

Poor guy. His long hair gets very matted when he sweats. And that will only be happening more often as we bid Florida winter a fond farewell.

So much better! And now he looks like such a big boy. And now that he's feeling better, he smiles too. I promise.

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