Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

Last night as we were driving, we saw a billboard and we could not believe our eyes. Could it be true? We rushed home and got online to find this press release. Blessed day!
(If you already know why we were so excited, skip to the next paragraph. For those who don't realize the magnitude of this announcement, let me explain. Bluebell Ice Cream is the yummiest ice cream in the world. It is made in Brenham, Texas, one of the regions where Kevin and I served as missionaries. So we are well acquainted with Bluebell and its many incarnations of deliciousness. You may know of it, especially if you live in the South. But if you are in the North, or west of Arizona, or in South Florida, you have probably not heard of it. It's so good that if you travel to any of the regions where Bluebell is available, get your hands on some. A distribution map follows.)

So Tuesday, first we went to Denny's for our free Grand Slam breakfasts. Talk about icing on the cake - our yummiest food now in stores and Denny's inviting us for a free breakfast! Also pictured are Alessia and Dante, our friends.

Later that day, we went to the store to find the coveted treasure of last's night's billboard. It was there! It was there in force. It was like a dream, the kind of dream that reminds you of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
When we got home, we did our best to eat a decent dinner, but once Stellan went to bed, we could no longer resist. It was heavenly! Please take special note of the special "Sunshine State Flavor" Tropical Paradise. Amazing. Worth the move to Florida just for this.


Jess said...

Congrats, I hadn't mentioned the frequency of my own BlueBell consumption so as not to rub it in, but now you too can enjoy the wonderfulness!

D said...

SO cool to read about a company expanding and doing well! Especially Bluebell! Sounds like you are now living in the promised land. :)

MELISSA said...

I LOVE BlueBell ice cream! I have a friend from Texas who introduced me to it. Jealous!!! Have a bowl for me!

MM said...

Horray for you! Of course one of the reasons I STAYED in Texas! Okay not really but I do LOVE the ice cream! I'm so happy for you!!

Karen said...

YEA FOR BLUEBELL! I've tried to explain to Clint just how good this icecream is, but sadly there is just no comparison.

Amanda said...

So, we're pretty snobby about our ice cream, especially due to all the high quality yummy ice creams available on the central coast. Now that we live in southern AZ, and are having a little bit of Doc Burnstein's withdrawal, we purchased some BlueBell ice cream on the strength of your recommendation. I have to say, it's delicious. We played it safe and got Neapolitan, which is pretty good. It doesn't compare to Doc's Mint Fudge Oreo, but then again, Doc's Neapolitan doesn't compare to that. Maybe if we got a little more... exciting of a flavor. Thanks for the tip.