Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Time No Post

Subtitled "Ants in the Pants, Lost & Found and Other Tales of the Unexpected"

You know when you were anticipating something big and exciting happening, but then it didn't? I was ready to post Part II of the Grandparent Visit when they returned from their cruise last Friday. But upon hearing that my great-grandfather Bob was in the hospital, my dad and step-mom immediately changed their plans and ended up leaving about 14 hours after we picked them up. We made the most of our time by visiting the Ann Kolb Nature Center, enjoying a dinner on the ocean (I mean that literally - the restaurant extends over the ocean on a pier), making one more run to Jaxson's and staying up way too late playing the Farming Game. Before they left, I stole all the pictures from their cameras, so here is a slideshow of our greatest hits.

Other tales of our generally mundane lives have been broken down in the vignettes that follow.

Ants in the Pants
Stellan and I went adventuring the other day. We started off at Tree Tops Park in Davie, where we spent some time on the nature trail. We got to see ducks, raccoons, birds and workers with machetes clearing brush. We left as they were firing up the chainsaws. Then we spent some time at the playground, but had to head back to the car when Stellan decided that he simply couldn't go on without more food (which we hadn't brought in our pack). Once we were happily fed in the car, we left for a smaller city park we had passed on the way. Stellan spent some time in the sand, some time on the slide, but more time wandering the parking lot and sidewalk outside the park. At one point, he discovered an anthill. I tried to get him to just observe from a safe distance, but you already know what happened. A few minutes after leaving the ant area, I noticed that Stellan had developed a strange walk; every few steps, he would reach down and grab the back of his right knee, then pull the waist of his pants around a little. Upon closer inspection, I removed the offending red ants and we continued on our way. I wish I had a video of his "ants in the pants" walk - priceless.

Lost and Found
During a cleaning rampage, Kevin further cemented his title as Hero when he found two items we had been missing for quite some time - some pajamas we got Stellan for Christmas that featured Dance Bots and our all time favorite video game, Dr. Mario. Being the sweet man he is, he didn't feel the need to draw my attention to these finds right away. Instead, he placed them on Stellan's changing pad and waited for the inevitable. When he felt enough time had passed, he called out, "Aren't you ever going to change that diaper? Because I will if you won't." When Stellan and I arrived at Diaper Central, there were our two missing items, waiting there for me. What a man.

And that is about it. I don't feel the need to go into details regarding our visit to Elsa's house, our afternoon jaunt along the Broadwalk, or Stellan's incredible amounts of energy. I've bored you enough.

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