Monday, October 6, 2008

Triple Threat

Stellan is a boy of many talents. To demonstrate, here is a sampling of his very busy evening presented in three acts: stink face, sweeper's assistant and flasher.

Triple Threat from Krissie Cook on Vimeo.

You may be wondering what Stellan is sweeping with. (Or with what Stellan may be sweeping, if you abhor ending a sentence with a preposition.) Recently he has been pilfering my kite from under our bed and swinging it around until the tail comes loose. Then he runs around watching the ribbons in the tail of the kite follow him. So I put that mothery ingenuity to use and devised a similar sort of instrument from something that wasn't my kite. In fact, it's a wooden spoon with blue and gold wrapping ribbons attached. He really likes it. Good thing he's too little to realize 1) how ghetto that is, and 2) that he got gypped; many lucky children have crafty mothers who would whip up some amazing and beautiful creation that would be the envy of any toddler with Olympic rhythmic dancing aspirations.


Patrick and Leigh said...

I think your ghetto wand is awesome...and the fact that it is also an instrument of cleanliness is brilliant! Reagan is right here feeling jealous. Great idea!! I'm loving the background music also!! Ask Stellan if he'll do the stink face for me in person.


Patrick and Leigh said...

ok, I realize the music was coming from another internet window open in the background....oops. ;)