Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the Way to Cali

Dragging Stellan across the country as a "lap child" is becoming increasingly difficult. He's getting bigger and space is a serious issue. Also, he's pretty active (if you hadn't already noticed) and doesn't like being in one place for 4 hour chunks. So mercifully, he caught a cold on our plane ride home from Atlanta and still had it two days later for our trip to Santa Barbara. I've never been so grateful to see my child wake up slightly listless and a bit clingy. It made the trip easier, but it was a little sad to see that he kept the cold all the way through the trip. So if he looks a bit out of it in the photos, he was.
One quick shout-out to Gate B15 at PHX (that's the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to those who don't fly as often as we seem to have lately): thanks for the kids' play area!

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