Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Things We Did

I'll get to all the big stuff, but here are some fun things we also did:
-We went the Museum and had a lovely lunch with my former department. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and they were very kind to provide such a lovely and Stellan-friendly meal. I still really miss the Museum.
-We went out to sushi with Javier, my friend and former colleague. Stellan enjoyed the sticky rice, both as sustenance and as an accessory.
-We went for a walk with Lee & Meghan and Vivian & Levi. Good to see good friends. Plus the bonus of a good surprise (oh, how I love a good surprise!). When Viv and I arrived at the Flemings' door, she knocked and I hid. Levi was conveniently hiding behind Stellan's stroller, so Stellan just walked right in when Steve opened the door. Lee just stood there looking at Stellan, and asked, "Who's this?" Vivian insisted that it was Levi, but Lee knew better. Guess I hadn't mentioned to her that we were coming to town.
-We did experiments with glow sticks. My mom was going to use glow sticks as her youth group activity on Sunday night, so we had to try out some stuff, of course. We cut one open and soaked a tennis ball with the extracted liquid, which left some super awesome drips and splatters on the kitchen sink. Also, we tried taking photos in the dark while swinging glow sticks around madly. Stellan even took a glow stick bath (with one of the unopened ones - what kind of mother do you think I am?). I love experiments. Especially when they give me an excuse to play in the dark.

How do you like this one? Pretty appropriate, given the intended audience.

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