Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Friends Anymore

We decided to play a little drinking game during the presidential debate. We created a long list of events that would trigger a "shot" of soda and settled in for a long wet night.

By the end of the debate, we had polished off about 2.5 liters of the 4 liters of soda we started with. Key triggers included cheap digs at each other, the phrase "across the aisle", references to Ronald Reagan (double shot) and McCain referring to the American people as "my friends." It got to a point where he would say it in each of two consecutive sentences, and all I could think as I poured myself another slug of Crush was, "Anyone who makes me drink this much soda is no friend of mine." Wish us luck sleeping tonight!


Patrick and Leigh said...

ok, that is hysterical...I love the categories you came up with.

Jess said...

eeewww, orange crush is nobody's friend!