Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stellan's New Toy

Last week we got a package in the mail. It was from Toys R Us, and that can only mean one thing - new toys for me Stellan. It was from Grandma and Grandpa Steward, and had three items: a big tub of blocks, a wading pool and a crazy music-making pinball machine. I looked closer and saw that it was no ordinary pinball machine, it was the Bopping Bedbug Pinball machine. Ooo la la! So I unwrapped it, grabbed the camera and started recording so that Grandma and Grandpa could "be there" to see him play with his toy for the first time.
Disclaimer: this video is highly unremarkable and really really long. Watch at your own risk. Mostly enjoyable for grandparents (and similarly Stellan-obsessed fans) and other toddlers who, like Stellan, can't get enough of videos of toddlers on other blogs.

Bopping Bedbug Pinball from Krissie Cook on Vimeo.


Jefe said...

Krissie. Estoy casi 100% seguro que cuando Stellan tenga un juego nuevo, Stellan se convierte en el juego suyo...ja ja. He's getting big...that's awesome.

Grandma Maggie said...

"Mostly enjoyable for grandparents" - oh yes! Thanks for taking the time to shoot this and post it