Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My New Glamorous Life

For any of you who have been wondering what it's like to leave the full-time workplace and stay at home with a kid, I'll lay it out for you. I get to play with my fantastic kid, sit around and eat bonbons/watch soaps/catch up on my gossip mags while he naps. OK, it's not quite like that. Most days I know it's way more challenging than my old job was. (I know, controlling the universe does seem like a big job by comparison, but it just doesn't take the same toll.)
Today I experienced one of those defining moments. Not really the kind that defines your kid, or even really your relationship with your kid; more like the like that defines how you are going to choose to react to this new glamorous lifestyle.
Stellan had just woken from a lengthy nap and I knew he must be hungry. So I grabbed some leftovers and heated them up a bit for him. I plopped the dish on his highchair, along with a fork, and left the room for about 5 seconds to grab something in the living room (adjacent to the kitchen). As I rounded the corner back to the kitchen, I was met with the cheesiest grin I had ever seen. Seriously, the kid was covered in cheesy leftovers and grinning like he knew what kind of trouble he was in.
I had two choices: I could grab the food away, take control of the situation, clean him up and then offer lunch in a more staid fashion; or I could laugh hysterically at how much damage he had done in just a few seconds and run for the camera. If your eagle eyes have already spotted the slideshow below, you know which one I picked.
Heaven help me if he ever gets into a life threatening but hilariously humorous situation.

P.S. The noodles in his hair lasted until bathtime tonight. When given the choice to clean the floor or clean the kid, I went for the floor. I figured he was less likely to spread a mess on his head than a mess he could get to with his feet. Plus, I couldn't resist unveiling him to his dad that evening.


quesetescapa said...

I love the new glam life! And I agree- when in doubt, grab the cam.

Jess said...

Welcome to the job, the pains are numerous, the pay sucks but the bonuses are fantastic (especially the occasional head/foot rub that you now garner from your not as hard working hubby, oh and the cheesy grins).

Patrick and Leigh said...

Awesome-and I'm sure he's got more where that came from!