Monday, September 1, 2008

A Home Tour Teaser

So we're not quite unpacked, although we've made some really good progress. You can imagine how grateful and happy we've been to get our stuff, so this is the most quickly and fervently we've ever "moved in" to anywhere we've lived.
Most of it seems intact, and almost all of it made it, as far as we've inventoried thus far. We were super lucky and some friends from church volunteered to help us unpack. Jeff and Olga's daughter, Elsa, is just over 12 months, so she and Stellan are very close to the same age. It was so helpful to have someone to distract Stellan as well as some extra hands and fresh energy.

So we got a ton done this afternoon, and although the rest of the house isn't quite ready for show and tell yet, here's a sneak preview of Stellan's room, which is looking pretty awesome right now. He loves having all his toys and animals out where he can grab them, and I'm glad they're so easy to put away.

One final note - some of you may have heard that Stellan was really sick over the weekend. He had a raging fever that kept him up all night for a few nights, and transformed our energetic, friendly baby into a whimpering, seizing shadow of himself. I'm happy to report he has recovered fully and is making up for lost time.


D said...

Yuck- feverish seizing babies seems to be going around right now. We haven't caught it but my cousin's baby did- he had a bad reaction to his 1 year shots. So far no bad outcomes though- just lots of recovered babies and relieved parents. That scares me out of my wits. I'm VERY glad Stellan is doing better now.

Woohoo for stuff! Stellan's room looks like a blast! Now where's that didgeridoo?

Jefe said...