Thursday, September 11, 2008

Picnic At the Park

Kevin was exhausted after a grueling exam today on top of his normal workload, so he took the evening off and we headed for the park. We found the perfect spot (meaning it was out of sight of the playground and the fountain to avoid unnecessary distraction) for our simple meal and chowed down. Stellan also waved at every truck and bus to pass the park, which was a lot. The park is actually a big circle in the middle of the roundabout smack in the middle of downtown Hollywood.
After dinner, we took him a little down the path where he suddenly discovered the water play area. Hooray! If you listen carefully to the beginning of the video, you'll hear his little shriek of excitement when the water comes into view. (The video is long - just under 3 minutes - so feel free to watch only as much as you like. No demerits for quitting early.)

An Evening at Young Circle Park from Krissie Cook on Vimeo.


Karen said...

What do you mean, the video might be too long? It was not nearly long enough!!! What an adorable grandson and a clever daughter. (Momfa agrees completely.)

Stephie said...

So cute!!!!! Of course - it's Stellan!

Jefe said...

So my question is: Did you just let him go get all wet in his clothes, or is he wearing some kind of swimming suit? Or do you just let him wander errante? :) I did like how he just stood there and let the water hit him. What a funny kid

Dana said...

That was great! It looked like he was trying to hug the fountains!