Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stephie's Recital

My sister Stephie had her senior recital yesterday. It was awesome! For those who don't have the honor of knowing her personally, she is a bassoon major at UCSB. And she is really good! I was truly hoping to have an audio clip for you here, but I haven't had a chance to download it from my dad's camera, and Steph won't get the recording for a couple of weeks.
She was fantastic! And she had a pretty full house, too. Many people came to support her and enjoy the lovely music. Stellan came to the recital, and to my delight, he behaved himself extremely well. The only peep he made in the entire first piece was a tiny sneeze between the 6th and 7th movements. His cousin Riley arrived by the second movement, and we mothers quickly retired them to the rear alcove so they could move a bit and yet try to be quiet.
Stellan and Momfa listening intently

Afterwards, we enjoyed some treats, some good company and the satisfaction of knowing that Stephie has completed this huge milestone in her collegiate career. Rock on, Steph - we're all very proud of you!

Stephie, Riley, Krista (AKA mom of Riley) and Caroline

Riley, Joe (AKA father of Riley), Stellan and Stellan's mom*

*You may have noticed my flashy name badge, work polo and general Museum officialness; yesterday was also National Astronomy Day. To be discussed in a future post.

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