Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our (Nearly) Perfect Day

Monday was the very rare day that we all had off - I didn't go to work and Kevin didn't have class. In the old days, we might have squandered such a day just trying to think of what we wanted to do, but not this time. We took full advantage. Below is the play-by-play.

Morning Fun
We grabbed some burritos to go from La Carreta and headed for Goleta Beach. It was surprisingly busy there with so many people claiming tables and other spots for their Memorial Day picnics, so we found a nice spot on the lawn. Stellan enjoyed scraps from our really tasty burritos and then we let him take a stab at the playground. He spent almost the whole time on the slides, his new passion in life. The photos say it all, but I'm including a video just to be superfluous.

Afternoon Fun
After Stellan's morning nap, we headed to I Madonnari to see the chalk paintings in front of the mission. To make things even better, we were accompanied by Vivian and Levi, who also had the day off. The art was incredible, the crowds were intense and the gelato was pretty decent. Just ask Stellan! (Sorry about the poorer than usual photo quality, I forgot our camera and had to use my cell phone.)

Evening Fun
After Stellan's afternoon nap and some amazing chicken Kevin made for dinner, we went for an evening walk around the complex with Stellan's early birthday present, the Retro Rocket. We got to the outskirts of the complex when he decided he was done riding and wanted to explore on his own. We tried to coax him away from the fascinating dumpsters with limited success.

The Parenthetical Nearly
Upon arriving home after our evening constitutional, Stellan enjoyed a lovely bath. Then we began the nightly ritual of dressing for bed after bathtime. This involves Stellan crawling like a madman all over the bed while we chase him down trying to dress him. He is extremely wriggly when he wants to be, and I know all you parents know the challenge this part of life can be. I had managed to pin him long enough to get a diaper on him, and then we had gotten his head into his pajamas when he bolted for the edge of the bed. Apparently he forgot about gravity in his zeal to escape and he ended up slipping off the bed and smacking his head on the dresser. And that's how our nearly perfect day ended. Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying.

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Martha said...

That boy in the sling stroller so reminds me of another little boy I used to know!