Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stellan's Big Day at the Museum

I had a meeting at the Museum yesterday, but I also had Stellan. So I brought him along. He was very good through the meeting, making mostly cute noises and eating lots of Cheerios. He made a couple of mad dashes for the door when the opportunity presented itself, caused my coworkers to think I was a bit of negligent mother because of how little I stopped him from playing with cables and even sampled his first (diluted) apple juice.
After, he got to play with his favorite canine companion, Lily. Here is the slideshow.

Then, Lily had to go back to work with her mommy, and Stellan entertained himself by the pond. Interesting story: do you see the little footprints just to the side of Stellan?

How about now?

Anyway, those are his footprints! They wanted to make the pond seem accessible to everyone, so they put some bird tracks, some raccoon tracks and they wanted some kid tracks. So I jumped at the chance to immortalize my son at the Museum and we used his tiny feet. Now I get to walk by "Stellan's Pond" every day I'm at work.

Then he headed off for more fun and games. One small boy with one big world to explore.


Karen said...

Oh, Stellan, you are so much like your Uncle Matt--always heading off to explore something new!

Jess said...

Man that Stellan is ADORABLE! He'll be a year in July, right? I think that he looks a lot like Kev, but what do I know. Oh, and in reference to the last post, you really are the smartest, most wonderful person ever. P.S. Thanks for the note on my blog, I had no idea that your first couple of months were so crazy.