Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day - or is that Mothers' Day?

As you must undoubtedly already know if you know me enough to read this blog, I've got more than my fair share of mothers. So Mother's Day is an extravaganza of mother-lovin' fun. This year we celebrated Maggie by having a picnic at Shoreline Park. We planned this (again with the best laid plans!) before we knew it would be freezing cold, not sunny at all and a bit breezy. Oh well. We came, we barbecued, we conquered.

Later that afternoon, we cooked dinner for the moms , as is the Mothers' Day tradition. The food was good, we gave gifts and best of all, we got to talk to Matt! As an LDS missionary, he gets to call home exactly two times a year - on Mother's Day and on Christmas. It was great to talk to him, we all really miss him. It's funny, though; all the time I wish he were here to talk to because there's so much I want to share with him, but once I was actually on the phone with him today, it was like I couldn't think of anything. I guess that's what email is for. Anyway, Matt - we love you!

And finally, a photographic tribute my three moms (sing along time - it's my three moms, it's my three moms, I have three moms, they're my three moms) who have become excellent and loving grandmas as well.
Grandma Maggie is always conscious to wear some sort of flashy (and sturdy) bling for Stellan to enjoy. He is always grateful.
Here is my mom, Karen, ready to call Matt for his semi-annual phone call. Can you see the excitement in her eyes?
And Granny (Martha) can usually be found enticing Stellan into something calm, his only still waking moment of the day.

I would also like to send a special shout-out to my fourth mom, my amazing and wonderful mother-in-law, Susan. We talked to her today, and hopefully we'll Skype her soon too. She is a very special person in all of our lives, and we miss her lots!

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The Braun Family said...

Hey sweet mama! Happy Mother's day! What an angel face Stellan is! Just like his mama!