Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Accept No Credit

Some of the best photos we have of Stellan have been taken by Vivian, our neighbor, friend and childcare suplementer. She is also the mother of Stellan's pal for life, Levi. Periodically she passes some of these amazing photos on to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the photos; but what I usually end up loving more are the subject lines of the emails. I will include them here as captions for the photos.


Too bad Stellan and Levi hate each other so much...

I'm too sexy for this shirt

Lewis and Clark
(This was the day Stellan "discovered" the baby-sized cave on top of the basket behind the La-Z-Boy.)

Just Clark

Won't you push a little faster, Jeeves?


Cheryl said...

THis is way cute! I think I love the captions too. Do you think Viv will start highering out her "captioning" services!? hehe

emi-pi said...

That little cave crawling seems all too familiar... Annabelle just discovered one in our house. Aren't babies so smart? I'm glad I found your blog :)