Thursday, April 30, 2009

O Frabjous Day!

Lilith Fair is returning in 2010!

I went to Lilith Fair in 1999 with my friends Laura and Marilyn in San Diego, and we had an amazing time. The show was great and atmosphere was so girl-power-licious that I am so in for next year. I'm not sure where we'll even be living by summer 2010, but I'd like to extend the invite here and now nonetheless. Who's coming with me? (Or who will let me stay at their house and go with me at a venue near them should we relocate to the boondocks?)


MELISSA said...

Um, I don't know if they come through southern CA or if you'll be here next year, but if so, count me in!!

JHD said...

Well, if Shawn Colvin plays again can you sneak a man in?