Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cheap Thrills

Tonight after dinner, Stellan realized that Kevin's IBC root beer bottle cap makes a funny noise if you drop it on the table. Soon Daddy started hiding the bottle cap in one hand and then the other. Before you know it, that bottle cap was magically appearing behind Stellan's ear. Then Daddy showed Stellan how to spin it on its side. Could the fun ever end?
We spent about 30 minutes sitting at the table laughing and playing with a bottle cap. Will someone please remind me why we even think about buying him "real" toys?


Patrick and Leigh said...

i think all toddlers have a thing w/ packaging...boxes, tissue paper, 'popcorn.'...and then you throw in disappearing caps. toys pale in comparison.

Flem said...

You buy them real toys so that you don't get dirty looks in the grocery store when your child is chewing on some used toothbrush.

Which I think is pretty acceptable personally.