Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fire Station Open House

Saturday was the annual Dania Beach Fire Station Open House. This event is the perfect example of how cute the town we live in can be. The fire station is on the same corner as Town Hall and the post office. (Yep, the one and only post office in Dania Beach.) And that is three blocks away from our house. Very cozy, and charming in its way.
The open house was cool, although we didn't take advantage of all the activities. I didn't feel like wrestling Stellan through a tour of the station and didn't want to wait in the long line of kids waiting to paint one of the engines. But the one thing we couldn't resist was to go for a ride around the block on the engine. Totally worth the wait, and Stellan and I even got to sit up front. He got to press the button to honk the horn, which he did with great relish. Definitely a thrill for us all, but especially for our highly excitable Stellanator.


Patrick and Leigh said...

that looks really fun!

D said...

We did a tour of the fire station last week. Kaden threw a fit because they couldn't go on the truck. Sounds like your open house was better than our tour. :) Kaden had his cute moments too so it wasn't all bad.