Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today was Kevin's birthday. He celebrated by taking a final and studying for another. I know, he needs to find a better way to celebrate!

Here on homefront, Stellan and I made Kevin a delicious chocolate cheesecake (not a true cheesecake, but so delicous you would never notice) and told him we love him lots. We really do, by the way. I know that since this is a Stellan-centric blog I tend to focus on Kevin's wonderful parenting, but I want the whole blogosphere to know that he is an amazing husband as well. He gets up when Stellan wakes up so I can stay in bed a little longer, he does the dishes, he does most of the cleaning (excepting the constant picking up of toys, which I have a greater opportunity to do since I'm home all day) and likes to make breakfast. In addition, he tries to take care of Stellan when I want to watch American Idol, appreciates my sarcastic humor, rides his bike to campus so I can have the car (which can be a sacrifice when it 85 degrees and raining), never minds when I blog instead of doing something more productive, and happily stipulates that sometimes I know more than him about some things.
I got him a super awesome birthday present, but since it hasn't arrived yet and deserves its own post anyway, you'll just have to wait to hear about it. In the meantime, enjoy this fun birthday challenge: Kevin decided that instead of putting the full number of candles to represent his age in his birthday cake, he would simply represent it in binary code. To decipher the code, you need to know that the four candles on the right represent bits - placemarkers to ensure that the other three candles, circled for your convenience, show the correct number easily.
Bonus points to whoever gets the right number first in the comments!

Happy birthday, you big ol' nerd of a husband!


Susanna said...

that's too hard.

but happy birthday anyway kevin!

Stephanie said...

I'm sending one of the biggest nerd punches ever, gathering velocity all the way from Oakland to Dania Beach to Kevin. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in a week.

Katie said...

Amy can guess, but can she

0 1 -
0 0 -
1 0 -
0 1 -
2 9


(This is only possible because I'm married to a big ol' nerd myself)

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Cheryl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Kevin! Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying your Florida home.