Friday, March 27, 2009

Three Words You Neve Thought You'd Hear Next To My Name

Disney On Ice.

Yes, we did. We took Stellan to Disney On Ice: Worlds of Fantasy. Kevin got free tickets through Florida Atlantic University, so we went. Our seats weren't great, but I'm pretty sure Stellan didn't care. He was amped before we even walked in. I think he just saw huge crowds of excited kids and figured it must be good. He ran around the hallway like a maniac and we had to drag him in to the show. Once it started, his applesauce was a little more entertaining than Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and their broken-down car, but once the Cars crew took the stage, he was rapt. (He hasn't seen the movie - or any Disney movies for that matter - but he does have some Cars books that he absolutely loves.) He recognized the characters and was jumping around in his seat.
He started getting bored during the Lion King (I can't blame him, the lions were tall skinny skaters in skin-tight faux fur unitards that featured permawedgies, which even I found distracting), and we wandered the halls some more. We gave up at intermission, which was fine for us. I think we missed a whole bunch of princesses dancing, which none of us were sad to skip.
So thanks, FAU, for the first family-friendly thing you've done for our family. It doesn't quite make up for no family housing, incredibly unreasonable family health insurance, balking at Stellan going on the campus tour because he's a (shudder) baby, paying Kevin a pittance and acting shocked because "there's no way a family could live on that," and admitting almost exclusively students who drink like Isla Vista freshmen do all the way through grad school; but at least you're trying.


JHD said...

Disney On Ice. Seriously? Disney On Ice. Next stop, Kevin, Krissie, and Stellan in a Winnebago bound for Mall of America. :)

Katie said...

You had me at permawedgie.

Cheryl said...

perma wedgie had me laughing too! I'm glad Stellan had fun. We thought about taking Ashby...then thought again and couldn't quite to it.

Brandy said...

Disney on tickets...I would say totally worth it!