Monday, March 30, 2009

Odds and Ends

Busted. Completely busted. My bracket is toast. Curse you, Pitt!
Only three more days until Grandma Susan gets here. I'm practically counting down the minutes.
Yesterday I remembered why I positively have no patience for Tom Clancy novels. I'm the kind of person who reads so fast that I give any author 100 pages before I give up. I got 6 pages into "The Sum of All Fears" and realized that despite the fact that every sentence was jammed full of long and tediously detailed descriptions and jargon, absolutely nothing had happened. I had learned nothing substantive about the plot, the characters or anything else worth knowing. I was just bored. Sorry, Tom. I give up. (For the record, I did read the book once before; so it's not completely evil of me to give up so soon. I know what I'm missing.)
It's one of those glorious times when our local grocer, Publix, is selling a gallon of fresh orange juice for less than a gallon of milk. Since it's fortified with calcium and vitamin D, I can get my dailies from a delicious glass of sweetness. Yum!
For those of you who are watching this season of Dancing With the Stars, don't you think Steve Wozniak looks like an Ewok?


Nick said...

I like Tom Clancy. Red Storm Rising is my favorite.

The Woz definitely looks like an Ewok. I never thought if it till you said it though.

Alessia said...

I can't believe you openly admit you watch Dancing with the Stars, but hey, this is coming from a girl who openly blogs about watching Rock of Love so I can't scoff TOO loudly.

Miss you mama!