Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Semantics

Last night Kevin and I were discussing birthdays and time zones. A friend of ours is due on September 26th, the day before my birthday. But if she delivered on our due date in California after 9 PM, it would technically be my birthday here in Florida. So does that mean we would have the same birthday?
And for that matter, if you move to a part of the world where the time difference is great enough to translate your birthday to the day before or after, when should you celebrate it? Is there some sort of official international council that decides such things?


Hilary said...

whoa. this is an honor. i somehow made it on your blog (unless that wasn't me, then ignore). i will try to hold out an extra day, but I make no promises.

D said...

I was born in Japan on the 4th of July- my parents didn't adjust for the US time zone. I like my b-day. :)

Flem said...

Oh I just don't know about this one.

If there were a council, they would dictate you only party in your own time zone. How do I know this? I once tried to vote for an American Idol contestant in New York at 10 pm but received a rejection text that said "Sorry voting has not opened for your time zone." But I was IN that time zone and not even the retired Concorde could revive and take me at a speed that would get me to to the west coast to vote.

So yeah, those guys would say that it only counts in your own time zone regardless of the miracles of technology.

Katie said...

I shouldn't have read this post right before bed. I'll likely be kept up all night by the debate raging inside my head.