Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Week That Fall Came...And Went

Yes, this week was an awesome one. Starting at the end of last week, forecasters predicted a cold front headed our way. We braced ourselves for some really chilly weather - it might drop into the 60's!
The forecasts did not disappoint; by Monday evening, it was cool enough that we turned off our air conditioner for the first time since we moved here. (We keep the thermostat set between 80 and 83 degrees, so this was a big deal to us.) We opened every window in the house all the way and let that cool breeze blow. It got cool enough that night (into the low 60s!) that we were freezing in our thin sheet and light blanket; but we did not close one darn window. The cold was too novel to reject.
By the next day, it was like the world awakened to a new dawn. No really, we saw dozens of kids in the street that we had never seen before; people were outside grilling; open windows lined every house; the park was swarming with families at all hours. In fact, the weather was so nice all week that we went to the park every day, some days twice. It was a riot to see some of these kids all bundled up like it was below freezing - fleece caps and winter coats, ski pants and heavy boots. It can't have dropped below 68 degrees during the day, but one woman proudly declared she put her little boy in his "New York winter clothes." Stellan and I were a little more circumspect in terms of wardrobe, but no less enthused with the weather.
As a result, we've got this playground thing down to an art. We load up the stroller, strap on our shoes, head to the park, unload and go nuts. We've also made some new friends; notice the "we." Yep, I have real park friends now; by that I mean that I know someone by name and we actually sit on the park bench and chat while the kids play. Hurray! I may just make it through the next two years after all.
In case you are curious about Stellan's playground activities, I've prepared this slideshow. Please enjoy!

In case the title of the blog didn't give it away, the cold front is gone. We're back to highs in the mid-80s for the rest of the week. It's currently 77 degrees in the pouring rain at 10 PM. Oh well. Fall was nice while it lasted.

Two final notes: #1. Why do people think that if a toddler is in a coordinated outfit, it must be a girl? It happened three times on Saturday when Stellan was wearing the super cute outfit posted above. #2. What is the lawn mower attachment that is being pulled behind the trailer called? Someone else asked me, and I was at a loss.


D said...

Gotta love the park. We need to go there more often. I've been trying to potty train so we've stuck around the house. I think I may need to give the training another break since he just doesn't seem interested in doing it at all. I can motivate him with prizes every once in awhile but it doesn't stick... Oh the rebellion of a 2 year old. I'm glad you had some cooler weather. It looks like we may get some this week and I am LOVING it!

quesetescapa said...

Coordinated pink outfits typically are girls. But Gillian has a friend who wears skirts and high heels (4 years old) who is a boy so you can just never tell.

Also the lawn-mower attachment thingy is called a "dragger." Or maybe not.

Jess said...

yeah, you think your weather sucks, its been 93 degrees here for the last two weeks! That said, you guys are cute.

Anonymous said...

The lawn mowing thingy: Most likely a reel mower attachment. Go here to lean more about frames and gangs.

Your librarian friend