Monday, November 24, 2008

Kevin Saves The Day

We went to a barbecue on Monday night. Yeah, you can tell we live in South Florida because we went to a barbecue at a park starting at sunset the week of Thanksgiving. Life is tough.
There were some challenges from the start. There was charcoal but no lighter fluid, so Phil got out his handy blowtorch. The lantern was always in the way, but then someone got a rope and hung it from a line between two trees. But the third blow was the hardest - the football was accidentally overthrown into the Altantic Intercoastal Waterway. Oops.
Never fear, they were smart enough to invite the Cooks. Kevin was more than willing to don a pair of shorts from someone's trunk and dive right in despite the darkness, rumors of gators and speeding boats in the area. They were right to place their trust in him; he swam quickly and skillfully to the ball and returned it safely to the anxious and boisterous crowd waiting back at the fence. And they were glad I was there with the camera to document it. The rest of the barbecue was fun, delicious and pretty uneventful.

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