Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Riddle For You

You've been in your new huge backyard killing ant colonies by dousing their holes in gasoline and then lighting them. (You have been careful to also douse surrounding lawn with water.) You decide to get that one last ant hole that is less than a foot away from an already burning ant hole. The gas can lights on fire, so you set it down very quickly.
Question: how do you put it out? You have no shovel, no bucket, no hose. You do have some household items including medium-sized waste baskets, but they may or may not be unpacked yet. Please respond in comment section, official Cookie Jar answer on Monday.


Caroline said...

you are aware that each of your mothers just had a heart attack reading this, correct?

Belle of the Blues said...

You know, the granules from Lowe's work pretty well, and they're very cheap. I'm just sayin'...

Jefe said...

Run REALLY fast first. Then I would say start shoveling dirt on it (by dirt I mean the dirt underneath the grass you would have to dig up and then later replace....Yeah catching that gas can on fire probably wasn't the best idea ever....)

Birrrdegg said...

Throw something on it:
Cat litter.
Potting soil.

Last resort: firewood. The grab the marshmallows, wire hangers, and invite the neighbors!

Karen said...

We like Caroline's comment best.
Mom and Momfa

Flem said...

I think in this case I would have taken more of a proactive approach and made sure I had some dirt and water nearby. I also would have kept the gasoline out of the story.

That aside, does this actually work?

Anonymous said...

If you had a cat you would have had a litter box and you would have, instantly, known what to do. So, moral of the story, get a cat!!!