Monday, October 11, 2010

Epic Stats

Days Gone: 16
Miles driven: 3255
States visited: 15 (plus the District of Columbia)
Time zones covered: 1

A map of our trip, including overnight stays and major destinations:

View Epic Road Trip in a larger map

$ spent on tolls: we stopped counting at $80
Photos taken: 566
Blog posts to come on the subject: many
Homes we invaded: 8
Best motel: Westport Inn (CT)
Meals eaten at rest stop McDonald's: too many
# of other kids' toys Stellan coveted: all of them
Approximate value of damaged electronics: $500

A diagram of sleeping arrangements:

Museums visited: 4
Major diaper blowouts: 0
Minor diaper leaks: 3
New decks of playing cards: 4
Apples picked: 26
Best tap water: Tie between Columbia, MD and Winona Lake, IN
Worst tap water: Richmond, VA
# of kids in the car: 2
# of kids you might think were in our car based on decibel level: 0-5

Epic Roadtrip: priceless


Jefe said...

So, My question is.....did you guys FLY to the start? Or did you drive there and back? I'm kinda confused on this point.

Jefe said...

Also, I'm sad it was the east coast and not the West.

Jeannie said...

Nice use of math. Colin will especially enjoy this display of info. Too bad you didn't make it out to SB.

Katie said...

Someone made you sleep on an air mattress?? The nerve!