Sunday, September 19, 2010


Dear reader, if only you were with us every moment of the day. I think you might die laughing. Here are a few samples of what you're missing out on.

[Driving home from the doctor's office after immunizations.]
Stellan: Mommy, I tough. But I still nice. But I really tough. But I still love you. And I like you. But I tough.

[Mommy is getting an awesome back rub from her friend Lena.]
Stellan: I want a ssage.
Krissie: You want a massage?
Stellan: No, just a ssage.

[Stellan talks to himself while "resting" during nap time. He just downloads the stuff he hears during the day and regurgitates it. Phonetic spelling as follows.]
Stellan: I haffa keep you safe. It's my jobba keep you safe. I tole you so many times, you gotta stop that. Dang it! That would be no good. Wiahona. Watch out for Baby Wajelle. Fishies an sumpin to dwink. The wise man built his house upon the rock. I wike you and I wuv you.

You know you wish you lived with us.


Jenessa said...

He is so cute! I love it! and yes, it would be fun to hang out with you guys all the time--you have awesome senses-of-humor;)

Katie said...

Yes, I do! But I'll settle for a visit sometime between October 4-6. I'm already looking forward to the great sleep I'll get, knowing Stellan has my back.

Tabatha said...

I love the ma-ssage story. Happy Birthday Krissie! I hope you get many more ma-ssages.

Amanda said...

Lillian does that too. I find her talking to her animals, giving them the same lectures I just gave her. "It is not safe to push your sister off the bed!" "Oh, how about we make a better choice next time?"