Monday, July 20, 2009

Wabbit Season

This is a portrait of my Auntie Beeb, taken during a video chat last week. My dear sweet aunt has a very green thumb, and her house is surrounded by an orchard full of yummy fruits, vegetables and herbs. In fact, I'm really looking forward to enjoying some of the literal fruits of her labor when Stellan and I are in Cali next month.
During a recent Skype session, she mentioned she and my Uncle Bob were having issues with rabbits in the garden. When I asked how she was dealing with the rabbits, well, the picture will save me a thousand words or so. Sorry, little bunnies; Auntie Beeb is on the prowl.

P.S. Her name isn't really Beeb, that's just her family nickname. She wishes her real name to remain unknown and has insisted I blur her face out, as she would like to avoid anyone in the "real" world finding out about her nefarious plans for all members of the leporidan family residing in or near her home. Or maybe it's just the bathrobe.


Flem said...

Niice! I wish someone had a pic of me posing down like that.

I can see how those wascilly wabbits would get to one in SB--they are so cute but so assertive in seeking your garden treasures.

MELISSA said...

That's amazing. Your aunt rocks it well. Poor bunnies.

On another note: don't think your use of the word "Cali" went unnoticed. You've clearly been away from California too long when you start using the word that only people who AREN'T from CA would use. ;-) Come back to us before it's too late!!!!

Much love.

Claire said...

good cali catch, melissa-
krissie, i didn't realize you'd go downhill so quickly.