Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dante's Birthday Party

Stellan got invited to his first birthday party, in honor of his buddy Dante's 3rd birthday. Stellan is very fond of Dante and asks me to take him to Dante's house about every single day. The party was held at Dave and Buster's, which is like Chuck E. Cheese for kids and grown-ups alike. I wasn't sure how Stellan would respond to all the lights, games and craziness; but true to form, he decided the best part of the party was Dante himself. He had fun playing air hockey and a Jurassic Park arcade game with Dante, and also had a great time running around the party room reserved for the occasion with the rest of the pack of wild kids.
Happy birthday, Dante!


Alessia said...

It was great having you guys there for the big event as well. Who better to learn how to play air hockey with than Mr. Stellan? And judging by how both of them played, I think there's potential out there for a professional Air Hockey team out there with Mr. S and Mr. D as co-captains. We could be the cheerleaders. You'd look awesome in pigtails.

Thanks for sharing our special day with us. And thanks for being my friend. :)

Alessia said...

Oh and I failed to mention that Dante, due to excessive partying this past weekend, has now caught some sort of virus and has been sick since Monday with high fever, vomiting, and the whole nine yards of toddler fun.

Yay Us!