Friday, July 31, 2009

Road Trip: Day Two

After Naples, we headed up to Tampa with a few stops along the way. Of course we visited a museum (because we get free to many museums across the country with our membership at SBMNH), we ate some lunch and made our way to the lovely shore in Sarasota. I wish we had spent more time in Sarasota, but such is the quickie road trip.

Day Two Stats
Start and stop: Naples to Tampa
Distance: 189 miles
Sites Visited: Imaginarium Hands-On Museum and Aquarium, Hardee's, Turtle Beach in Sarasota
High Points: The beach was gorgeous and nearly deserted. Also, the science center was super fun and interesting with many enticing exhibits on various topics.
Low Points: After much anticipation of Hardee's, it wasn't what we hoped for. Even though it's really Carl's Jr., it really isn't. Also, the bed still isn't working for Stellan. To make matters worse, he's not napping, not even in the car. This is getting a bit ugly.
Lemonade From Lemons Moment: Stellan really liked one particular exhibit with balls a lot. I mean a lot. He refused to leave it, no matter how we tried to entice him to pet the sharks or play virtual soccer. But we quickly realized that meant he wasn't going anywhere and one parent could handle him easily. So we took turns visiting the rest of the exhibits at our own pace, a luxury not many parents of toddlers are afforded.

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Vivian said...

that museum looks pretty awesome, i wouldn't want to leave either.