Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 Years Old

My baby is two years old. I can't believe it. I just put him to bed, and I'm so pleased to see what amazing and sweet kid he can be. We were eating some watermelon sorbet (which he helped me make), reading some books and singing along with some of them as we cuddled on the couch. Although tonight was more perfect than many other nights, this is the kind of night I want to remember. As I put him to bed, I held on to him extra long because I know when he wakes up, he'll be even older and bigger. He kissed me goodnight and smiled that sweet Stellan smile at me. He's two. Wow.
But now for details on the big day. Stellan was lucky enough to get a lot of awesome presents, but one required some assembly, so we put it together the night before and left it in the living room for him to discover in the morning when he woke up. It was a pretty big hit.

Stellan's Birthday from Krissie Cook on Vimeo.

Once we woke up (ourselves and our neighbors), we celebrated his birthday by going to his favorite museum - in Florida, that is - with Elsa and Elsa's mom and baby brother. Elsa's mom even made Stellan a cake, a banner and blew up a whole bunch of balloons. (She did more for Stellan's birthday than I did - I feel a little like a slacker.)
After the museum, lunch at Elsa's and nap, we had hot dogs for dinner as planned and lit some fireworks. Stellan knows the fireworks drill by now; he grabs his Lightning McQueen lawn chair and his adventure hat (in order to prevent ash falling in his eyes) and goes to the driveway, a safe distance from the launch site.
We came inside and opened presents. Stellan was so excited for all his new clothes, toys and books. We also got to Skype all his grandparents, which is quite a feat for such a busy night and such a great group of enthusiastic fans/grandparents.
And there you have it, the deeds of the day when Stellan turned two. He is such a funny, sweet kid. Whenever you read this, Stellan, remember how much we love you every day, not just on your birthday!

P.S. A birthday shout-out to Stellan's birthday buddy (and my good friend) Leigh!


Katie said...

I love the line about them waking up every day older and bigger.

That is quite simply the coolest 2-year old gift I have ever seen. Hope the neighbors are on board.

MIMOM2 said...

Congratulations! Looks like a terrific party! I want some of that cake!