Saturday, August 23, 2008


So I know I promised a pictorial tour of the new place, but Kevin decided he didn't want to post that until we have our stuff and our home is all put together. So you don't see anything because we still don't have our stuff.
That's right, no stuff. We have the contents of our 2 suitcases and what we already had in our car; some really nice people from church loaned us a Pack'n'Play, an air mattress and a few pillows, a frying pan and a spatula. We've made a few minor purchases of stuff we were planning on buying anyway, but our house is still basically empty.
The update is that we won't have anything until Fay clears its little tropical storm self out of Florida completely and all the roads are un-flooded. We're hoping for early next week, but the trucking company isn't as optimistic as we are. I miss my bed. And my books. And my didgeridoo. And Stellan misses his big crib. And his toys. And his high chair. Kevin misses his DVDs. And his school stuff (he starts classes on Monday - sans backpack, sans notebooks, sans binder). And the couch.
One the brighter side, we've taken advantage of our free time to do some sight seeing. We went to the Miami Seaquarium and got caught in a huge downpour en route, so we didn't see much of Miami but we did see a dolphin show. We also went to Boca Raton so Kevin could buy books at the main FAU campus, and we stopped by the Science Explorium, a small children's museum in Sugar Sand Park. And we've been watching lots of movies and TV shows online, because that's about all we have to entertain ourselves. We keep trying to go to the library, but the hours are very limited. Hopefully we get lucky today.
Speaking of lucky, we've been lucky with Craig's List. We got a new wagon for Stellan literally minutes before we saw the dresser we needed sitting down the street for the next morning's bulk garbage pick-up, which worked out well because we needed to wagon to transport the dresser back up the street. We're also picking up the race car rug we wanted for Stellan's room tomorrow. All we need now is the toy bin we've had our eye on for all our Craig's List dreams to come true.
So here are some photos for you to enjoy. We hope to have more and better things to report soon.

P.S. I published a few "catch-up" posts of our last days in SB, so feel free to scroll down and catch yourself up.


Elaine said...

I needed a Stellan fix and this is perfect. Hope Florida dries out and you get your stuff soon.

the one about Jenae and Seth said...

What a rough start. I'm glad you have friends but I definately felt the cook void this Sunday. I'm sorry we missed your going away shindig, we were outta town. You should email me your address so I can send you a care package with a spatual or something... :)

Santa Barbara AUers said...

Thanks for the update, Krissie! Looks as if Stellan *does* have his toy Miami! Keep dry or send it to SB (but not during an outreach!).
Clear Skies!
Pat & Chuck