Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top Ten Lessons Learned In Florida

1. South Florida in August is like Alaska in January. No one goes outside. Ever.
2.Get your affairs in order before hitting the road. As someone told us, this area is such a melting pot that people think they can transplant their own personal set of road rules as well.
3. Don't inspect mangrove trees too closely while kayaking. Kevin was out kayaking this afternoon and there were lots of signs that said "No Wake, Manatee Area." He thought to himself that it would be great if he could actually see one in the wild. Well, they were nearing the end of their kayak adventure, having seen nothing thus far, and he thought it would be cool to check out the mangrove trees to inspect for wildlife. Just as he was pulling up to one of the trees, he heard a loud growly/throat-clearing sound and then the water below his kayak exploded, sending a huge wake all the way across the channel. Needless to say he got to see his manatee (and somehow managed to stay on his kayak).
4. Zagat says Jaxson's has some of the best ice cream in the country. 100% true. We live around the corner. Come and visit anytime.
5. Plan extra time for all trips. As Kevin says, the signals are so long it's like every intersection is Fairview.
6. A slow boat to China might be faster than Genesis Van Lines. We are still waiting for the moving van with our stuff. I'm abstaining from more complaints, you've all heard me whine enough.
7. 83 degrees can seem really cool sometimes. That's where we keep our thermostat, and you wouldn't believe how cool that feels when you walk in from a stroll to the park and back.
8. Don't let your husband talk to the bishop before you do. He might rat you out as a musician, and you could find yourself introducing yourself to the Primary as the new chorister before you've even been in the building an hour on your first day.
9. Don't go windsurfing in a tropical storm.
10. It's not nice to blog about how your baby was the first to poop on Mars (or on a banner with Mars), but you may not be able to resist the temptation. If you're his future employer, college admissions officer or significant other, please disregard.


quesetescapa said...

The ice cream temptation sounds sooo good but the bit about every intersection being like Fairview changed my mind about wanting to come...

Vivian said...

EVERY intersection??? Are you sure you didn't die and are blogging to us from the place where bad people go?

Grandma Maggie said...

What a fortunate Primary. We'll take you up on the ice cream invitation

Jess said...

Sounds like your adjusting just fine!