Thursday, August 14, 2008

From Bad to Worse

So we still haven't found our car. But that's not all. The other moving company, the one with our stuff, won't be delivering our furniture/books/toys/musical instruments/dishes/all other worldly possessions until at least the 21st. According to Kevin, the conversation went like this (excerpted):
Kevin: You said it would be there by the 16th.
Stupid Movers: We said 5 - 10 business days.
K: You picked up our stuff on Monday, August 4th. When we spoke on the 5th, you confirmed that it would take 5 - 10 business days. 10 business days later is the 16th.
SM: It didn't leave our warehouse until the 12th.

Awesome. But wait - there's more!

Kevin came prepared with a suitcase that could at least help him get through the next couple of days. Unfortunately, it never showed up in Florida. Apparently the SB airport didn't give him his luggage claim stubs, so the FL airport people just laughed when he tried to get some help.

We're not done yet.

He rented a car to go look for our car. The car moving company said that they left it in the last spot by the water meter of the two-story apartment building next to the green house. (Oh so specific. How 'bout an actual address next time? Or maybe we'll just leave our payment under the oak tree by the driveway of the yellow house.) He had no luck. So if our car was delivered anywhere in our neighborhood, it's officially gone now. I've been calling the police department every 12 hours to make sure it wasn't towed, but it hasn't shown up in any impound lots yet. So it's pretty much gone.
In the car was the sleeping bag Kevin so wisely packed. Instead, he was looking at staying in our all-tile apartment with no water, no bed, no blanket, no pillow, no pajamas and literally nothing but the clothing on his back. So we talked him into getting a hotel room. At least they have beds and showers there, as well as toothbrushes, towels, chairs and continental breakfast.
I'm done joking about the didgeridoo. I want my stuff back. And I want all my stuff back. You hear that, universe?


michelle said...

When I signed on to make this comment, the secret code I had to type to prove I am not a machine was "sucky". That pretty much says all I was going to say anyway.

deannah said...

There aren't really any clean words accurate enough to express how awful all of that is. I'm so sorry and I hope you get lots of miraculously good news about all your stuff soon!!!!

Michaeljneal said...

recommendation.... if it is a ligthing storm.... don't use an unbrella... I am scared for you guys. Sorry to hear.

quesetescapa said...

Boo!!! I can't think of anything to even suggest right now. I am so sorry and hope that poor Kevin at least gets a decent night sleep. On the bright side, at least you aren't there with a baby sleeping on a tile floor.

Jefe said...

Kevin. All you need to do, is find a super nintendo and play Super Smash TV and buy a bowl, spoon, milk, refigerator, and a package of Cheesecake Pudding, and everything will be ok.

Ok seriously, that totally chupa...mucho...espero que encuentran todo...muuuuuuy pronto. Pruebas nos hacen crecer. Por alguna razon todo nos pasa. Les amo!!

Vivian said...

My secret word is "laogc". Maybe that means Lost Automobiles Orbiting General Crapiness. Hmm, I think just "sucky" is better.

thejerry said...

I hope this is like Pizza delivery... "if it doesn't arrive in 30 minutes, it's free!"

Is the entire universe protesting your decision to leave the planetarium?

D said...

Nightmare! What companies did you use so that none of the rest of us ever consider them?! I have friends entrusting their stuff to a moving company in two weeks to move cross country too. They are starting in WA so hopefully they will have a different experience. Nightmare! I'm praying your stuff finds the right home- yours!

Big Bro Joe said...

Not that it helps, but I'm really sorry. That's just stinky. Umm... you can borrow our car?

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry, guys! This is the worst story ever!

Has Kevin called the Bishop in your new ward? Is there no sweet member that is willing to put him up given the disaster that your family has faced?

I think you should be able to tell this story on Pioneer Day!

MELISSA said...!!! This is horrible! :-( I can't believe this is happening to you! I really really really hope that your things arrive at some point and you can work out a car in some way. I'll be praying for you HARD.

Jess said...

So, when do we start calling you Job? Or maybe we call Kevin Job, tell him to keep a look out for strange illnesses. Is there any sort of insurance coverage for such things? Did you sign a liability waiver with the moving company or can you rain horror on their heinies? I think that I'd tear them to shreds anyway, just for the stress. If they give you any grief call the better business bureau and report them. Good grief!

Dana said...

Whoah! How awful, Krissie... I hope everything turns out OK... :( Man! Poor Kevin!