Saturday, June 21, 2008

Send Your Name to Space!

You can send your name to space in a couple of different ways. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is taking names to the moon with it, and I've added mine. The deadline is June 29, sign up here.

You can also have your name added to a DVD that will launch about the Kepler Mission (searching for Earth-like planets in other solar systems) next year. The deadline isn't until November, so you've got plenty of time to send in your name.

It's fun, it's free and it's not a scam like star-naming.


River Nomads said...

Krissie!!! I can't believe I found you! It's Fawn (Johnson now). And you totally have your own little family - I love your pictures. Where are you living now? I'm in Moab Utah working as a whitewater river guide. It's fun! I met someone who knew you, but I don't remember their name - it was two months ago. Anyway, so glad to see you doing so well.

Lots o' Love for you babe!

bilyako said...

I just wanted to relay Raleigh's concerns about possible extra-terrestrial identity theft; I mean, you just don't know who's out there...

bilyako said...

oops, it was Jess