Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pampers and Circumstance: Stellan's First Graduation

OK, so Stellan didn't graduate. But his daddy and his aunt did. Yes, it's true: after many years of toil and strife, elbow grease and brow-sweat, late nights and early mornings, Kevin and Steph have earned their college diplomas! They even arranged to graduate at the same ceremony so we wouldn't have to sit through 2 in the same weekend. (Thanks!) The only complication was that anyone there would have thought that Stephie got a B.S. in engineering (Kevin did); instead, she actually got a B.M. (that's Bachelor of Music).
[Insert joke about B.S. and B.M. here.]
The ceremony was pretty typical, and about 2 hours too long for Stellan. He was a trooper, though, and even made some new friends. I've posted highlights from the graduation in the following slideshow, but to see all the photos, visit the Picasa album at the end of the post.

Congratulations, Kevin and Stephie!!!!
Graduation 2008

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Cheryl said...

Yeah! Congradulations to both Stephin and Kevie...I mean Stephie and Kevin! Really, that is great. A new chapter to open up for both of you!