Friday, June 20, 2008

Girls Camp!

So I got back from Girls Camp. It was great, and also really hot. I mean really hot. For those who think I'm just being a Santa Barbara weather snob, it broke 100 degrees every day, and I wouldn't guess it dropped below 80 at night.
Heat aside, the week went really well. I was the stake certification director, so I worked with all the Youth Camp Leaders as they taught their camp skill certification lessons. They did a terrific job, and the rest of the campers really responded well.
Steph was up there with me, so we got to hang out lots. She was actually the assistant certification director, so it was as close to having two of the same person as you could come. We held it together pretty well, and had a blast at Sunrise Sing, pool time, devotional, sky watching, and all the rest.
On a side note, this year was different from the many other years I've been to Girls Camp, because this year I'm a mom for the first time. It was a little bizarre to be physically separated from my "mom" self, but don't worry - I missed my boys lots. I was never psychologically far from them - I hope Stellan got the psychic snuggles I sent all week. Kev and Stellan did swing by camp on Wednesday to drop off gear for the overnight hike, and it was a great half hour. And we had a very happy reunion on Friday afternoon once we were all at home together too.

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